Who We Are


The Jacobs Institute of Women’s Health is based at the Milken Institute School of Public Health at George Washington University and publishes the peer-reviewed journal Women's Health Issues. Our mission is to identify and study aspects of healthcare and public health, including legal and policy issues, that affect women’s health at different life stages; to foster awareness of and facilitate dialogue around issues that affect women’s health; and to promote interdisciplinary research, coordination, and information dissemination.


Women's Health Issues


We publish high-quality peer-reviewed research on topics that affect women's health across the lifespan.

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Commentaries call for improvements in policy, research, and practice to improve women's health.

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Our supplements collect recent research on important women's health topics. 

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Scientific Integrity Work


We work to educate lawmakers about legislation that can help ensure the federal government produces and uses scientific evidence appropriately. 

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We collaborate with other organizations to promote science-based policymaking across the federal government.

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We comment on proposed actions by federal agencies that have implications for scientific integrity and women's health.

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Recent Articles

Hospital maternity units are closing across Michigan

January 12, 2024

Julia Strasser explained to the Michigan Independent how national trends in maternity providers play out in states like Michigan.

Gibbs Leadership Prize: Best Manuscripts of 2023 in Women’s Health Issues

December 18, 2023

The 2023 Gibbs Prize has been awarded to authors of two studies that address substance use during pregnancy.

Is abortion access in peril (even where it's legal)? Supreme Court case could tip balance.

December 14, 2023

Sara Rosenbaum told USA Today that if the Supreme Court rules against FDA's current mifepristone rules, it “would be the equivalent of a nationwide ban.”