Schiffer Fellowship

Clara Schiffer Project on Women’s Health

The Clara Schiffer Project on Women’s Health honors the legacy of social-justice advocate and GW supporter Clara Schiffer. The Clara Schiffer Project provides financial support for graduate students to participate in either student- and faculty-directed research designed to improve women’s health and facilitate communication around women’s health issues.

2020 Fellows

Doctoral Fellows

Hanna Tessema, MPH, MSW, DrPH (c)

Doctoral candidate, Health Behavior

Faculty Mentor: Shawnika Hull, PhD

Understanding Individual, Environmental, and Drug-related Factors Influencing Diffusion of PrEP and PrEP + Contraception among Black Women in Washington, DC


Joya Chowdhury, MPH, DrPH (c)

Doctoral candidate, Health Policy

Faculty Mentor: Anne Rossier Markus, JD, PhD, MHS

Barriers to Utilization of Preconception Health Services and the Association between Women’s Receipt of Preconception Health Services and Pre-pregnancy, Pregnancy, and Postpartum Health Outcomes 

Darla Bishop, MPH, DrPH (c)

Doctoral candidate, Health Policy

Faculty Mentor: Cherise Harrington, PhD, MPH

Rural Health Centers Perceived Needs, Barriers, Challenges, and Facilitators to Involvement in Public Health and Health Services Research


Masters Fellows

Ranjani Sudarsan

MPH Student, Health Policy

Faculty Mentor: Anushree Vichare, MBBS, MPH, PhD

Promoting HPV Self-Sampling Test Kits to Increase Cervical Cancer Screening among Women Living with HIV


Janay Ezekwe

MPH Student, Community-Oriented Primary Care

Faculty Mentor: Jameta Barlow, PhD, MPH

Black Feminist Phenomenological Inquiry into Black Women’s Birth Experiences

2019 Fellows

Doctoral Fellows

Aubrey Van Kirk Villalobos, MPH, MEd, DrPH(c)

Doctoral candidate

Faculty Mentor: Monique Turner, PhD

Erica Sedlander, MPH, DrPH (c)

Doctoral candidate

Faculty Mentor: Rajiv Rimal, PhD, MA


Masters Fellows

Kayla Thompson

MPH Student

Faculty Mentor: Amita Vyas, PhD, MHS

Dan Dinh

MPH Student

Faculty Mentor: Ami Zota, ScD, MS

2018 Fellows

Doctoral Fellows

Julia Strasser, DrPH (c), MPH

DrPH Student, Health Policy

Faculty Mentor: Anne Rossier Markus, JD, PhD, MHS

Dissertation Research: Access to High Quality Contraceptive Care at Community Health Centers: Current Practices, Barriers, and Facilitators for Providing a One-Year Supply of Oral Contraception On-Site 


Masters Fellows

Nwanneamaka Ume

MPH Student

Faculty Mentor: Amira Roess, PhD, MPH 

The Impacts of Breastfeeding and Other Maternal Health Factors on the Microbiome of Black and Latino infants

Aika Aluc

MPH Student

Faculty Mentor: Rajiv Rimal, PhD 

Designing and implementing a maternal iron deficiency and anemia control strategy in India using a social norms approach and a Self Help Groups (SHGs) platform 

2017 Fellows

Doctoral Fellows

Jennifer Schindler-Ruwisch

DrPH (c) Student

Faculty Mentor: Amira Roess, PhD, MPH

Dissertation Research: Factors Affecting Breastfeeding Duration Among DC WIC Recipients


Masters Fellows

Snigdha Velugu

MPH Student, Maternal and Child Health

Faculty Mentor: Lorien Abroms, ScD

Evaluating the Effects of a Smoking Cessation Text Messaging Tool on Birth Outcomes among Pregnant Women


Brenda Trejo

MPH Student, Global Environmental Health

Faculty Mentor: Ami Zota, ScD, MS

Fibroid Observational Research on Genes and the Environment (FORGE)


Atlang Mompe

MPH Student, Epidemiology

Faculty Mentor: Shawnika Hull, PhD, MA

An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Black Women's Health Imperative #LetsTalkAboutPrep campaign among Black Women living in Washington, D.C.


Katy Luxion

MPH Student, Epidemiology and Health Communications

Faculty Mentor: Kathleen Carrick, PhD, MSW

Culturally Appropriate Reproductive Education (CARE) for Transgender, Queer, Intersex, and/or LGBA+ Parents


Alyssa Llamas

MPH Student, Health Policy

Faculty Mentor: Susan Wood, PhD

Bridging the Divide: State-level Abortion Restrictions

2016 Fellows

Doctoral Fellows

Cinthia Josette Arevalo, PhD (c)

Trachtenberg School of Public Policy & Public Administration

Faculty Mentor: Kathryn Newcomer, PhD


Masters Fellows

Rosalind Fennell

MPH Student

Faculty Mentor: Karen McDonnell, PhD

Accomplishments of the Domestic Violence Hotline, Online Communications, and Text (ADVHOCaT)


Monika Juzumaite

MPH Student

Faculty Mentor: Mimi Ghosh, PhD, MS

Megan Couillard

MPH Student

Faculty Mentor: Susan Wood, PhD