Articles and Reports

Journal Articles by Affiliated Faculty


Training in Residency and Provision of Reproductive Health Services Among Family Medicine Physicians

Strasser J, Schenk E, & Luo Q. (2023). JAMA Network Open, published online Aug 23, 2023.



Association of Primary Care Physicians’ Individual- and Community-Level Characteristics With Contraceptive Service Provision to Medicaid Beneficiaries
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To Address Women's Health Inequity, It Must First Be Measured
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Workforce Providing Abortion Care and Management of Pregnancy Loss in the US.
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Womanism and Re-Imagining Black Women's Health Promotion.
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Who is providing contraception care in the United States? An observational study of the contraception workforce.
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Community Health Centers’ Practices, Barriers, and Facilitators for Providing a 1-Year Supply of Oral Contraception on Site.
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Listen to Black Women: Do Black Feminist and Womanist Health Policy Analyses.
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What The Health (WTH)?: Theorising Southern Black Feminisms in the US South.
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Reclaiming Health for Black Women and Girls: A Conversation with Dr. Jameta Nicole Barlow
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Gender Differences in the Quality of EMS Care Nationwide for Chest Pain and Out-of- Hospital Cardiac Arrest
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Title X-Funded Health Center Staff Members' Perspectives on Barriers to Insurance Use For Confidential Family Planning Services
Masselink LE, Lewis J, Coleman C, Wood SF. (2018). Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health, 50(2):51-57.


Social Media and Sexual Behavior Among Adolescents: Is there a link?
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One Key Question®: First Things First in Reproductive Health
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Rethinking Medicaid Coverage and Payment Policy to Promote High Value Care: The Case of Long-Acting Reversible Contraception
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Healthy Weight in Lesbian and Bisexual Women Aged 40 and Older: An Effective Intervention in 10 Cities Using Tailored Approaches
McElroy JA, Haynes SG, Eliason MJ, Wood SF, Gilbert T, Barker LT, Minnis AM. (2016). Women's Health Issues, 26 Suppl 1:S18-35.


Program Design for Healthy Weight in Lesbian and Bisexual Women: A Ten-City Prevention Initiative
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Recruitment and Participation of Older Lesbian and Bisexual Women in Intervention Research
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Privacy and Confidentiality Practices In Adolescent Family Planning Care At Federally Qualified Health Centers
Beeson T, Mead KH, Wood S, Goldberg DG, Shin P, Rosenbaum S. (2016). Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health, 48(1):17-24.



Reports and White Papers by Affiliated Faculty



Community Health Centers and Family Planning in an Era of Policy Uncertainty (2018):
Authors from George Washington University and the Kaiser Family Foundation report findings from a 2017 survey of community health centers regarding their reproductive health services.



Medication Abortion: Overview of Research & Policy in the United States (2015):

This white paper, from the Jacobs Institute’s Bridging the Divide project, summarizes the scientific evidence related to the current medication abortion process and potential changes to the process that could make it even safer and more accessible for patients, as well as policy considerations and directions for future research.



Long-Acting Reversible Contraception: Overview of Research & Policy in the United States (2016):
This white paper, from the Jacobs Institute’s Bridging the Divide project, summarizes current knowledge on LARC methods, from mechanism of action to access barriers to emerging policy concerns in the US.



Pregnant Women and Substance Use: Overview of Research & Policy in the United States (2017):
This white paper, from the Jacobs Institute’s Bridging the Divide project, examines the current literature and policy implications of substance use and substance use disorders among pregnant and parenting women.



Public Health Impacts of State-Level Abortion Restrictions: Overview of Research & Policy in the United States (2018):
This white paper, from the Jacobs Institute’s Bridging the Divide project, reviews several types of restrictions that affect abortion access and summarizes recently published scientific evidence on the public health impacts of state-level abortion restrictions not rooted in science; these include restrictions on insurance coverage, TRAP laws, gestational limits, waiting periods, state-mandated information, and restrictions on medication abortion.