Op-eds, Blog Posts, and Other Commentaries by Affiliated Faculty

Will the Supreme Court Close the Door on Judicial Meddling with FDA’s Scientific Determinations? - Liz Borkowski, April 2, 2024

A Bad Medication Abortion Decision Threatens the Future Availability of Drugs in the U.S. - Liz Borkowski & Julia Strasser, Scientific American, April 10, 2023

Prescribing Authority For Pharmacists Is Integral To Protecting Reproductive Health And Rights - Julia Strasser & Ellen Schenk, Health Affairs Forefront, March 2023

We Need a New Approach to Black Mental Health - Jameta Nicole Barlow, KevinMD, March 13, 2023

Access to Contraception Supports Women’s College Education: Evidence from Colorado - Liz Borkowski, The Pump Handle, December 2022

Abortion Choice is a Standard of Care - Sara Imershein, Washington Post, August 2022

An Illegitimate Court Strips Us of Bodily Autonomy - Liz Borkowski, The Pump Handle, June 2022

Penalizing Abortion Providers Will Have Ripple Effects Across Pregnancy Care - Julia Strasser, Candice Chen, Sara Rosenbaum, Ellen Schenk, & Emma Dewhurst, Health Affairs Forefront, May 2022

SCOTUS Poised to Decimate Reproductive Rights - Liz Borkowski, The Pump Handle, December 2021

Hearing on the Hyde Amendment Emphasizes the Policy's Racist Harms - Liz Borkowski, The Pump Handle, December 2020

The UK allows home use of the abortion pill — the US should do the same - Susan F. Wood & Cynthia Pearson, The Hill, April 2020

Under Title X Gag Rule, Program Capacity Drops 47% - Liz Borkowski, The Pump Handle, February 2020

As Title X Gag Rule Takes Effect, Providers Choose Between Federal Funds and High-Quality Care - Liz Borkowski, The Pump Handle, July 2019

Virginians Deserve to Make Their Own Health-care Decisions - Sara Imershein, Washington Post, April 2019

Addressing Black Maternal Mortality: Large and Small Steps - Liz Borkowski, The Pump Handle, September 2018

I’m an abortion provider — Trump administration’s gag rule is an attack on poor women - Sara Imershein, The Hill, June 2018

The Title X Family Planning Proposed Rule: What’s At Stake For Community Health Centers? - Sara Rosenbaum, Susan Wood, Julia Strasser, Jessica Sharac, Janelle Wylie, & Thao-Chi Tran, Health Affairs Forefront, June 2018

Domestic Gag Rule Imperils Title X Family Planning Program - Liz Borkowski, The Pump Handle, May 2018

Trump Administration Contraceptive Rule Creates Problems for Both Women’s Health and Scientific Integrity - Liz Borkowski, GW Health Policy & Management Matters, December 2017

From Buffalo to Billings, Local Solutions to Women's Health Concerns - Liz Borkowski, The Pump Handle, November 2017

Access to Removal of Long-acting Reversible Contraceptive Methods Is an Essential Component of High-Quality Contraceptive Care - Julia Strasser, Liz Borkowski, Megan Couillard, Amy Allina, & Susan F. Wood. Women's Health Issues, May 2017

One Key Question®: First Things First in Reproductive Health - Deborah Allen, Michele Stranger Hunter, Susan Wood, & Tishra Beeson. Maternal and Child Health Journal, February 2017

A Women's Health Legacy of the Obama Administration - Susan F. Wood, American Journal of Public Health, January 2017

Will Congress (Belatedly) Do the Right Thing on Zika? - Liz Borkowski, The Pump Handle, September 2016

An Incomplete Victory for Evidence-Based Abortion Care - Liz Borkowski & Amy Allina, Rewire, August 2016

For Medication Abortion, Science Should Guide Policy - Susan F. Wood, Liz Borkowski, Julia Strasser, & Amy Allina, Women’s Health Issues, July 2016

Drop in Preterm Births Followed Colorado's Rise in Long-Acting Contraception Use - Liz Borkowski, The Pump Handle, February 2016

Advancing Women's Heart Health through Policy and Science: Highlights from the First National Policy and Science Summit on Women's Cardiovascular Health - Susan F. Wood, Jennifer H. Mieres, Susan M. Campgell, Nanette K. Wenger, & Sharonne N. Hayes, Women's Health Issues, September 2015

Turning Back the Clock on Women's Health in Medically Underserved Communities - Sara Rosenbaum & Susan F. Wood, Women's Health Issues, November 2015

Does NIH Do Enough to Include Women in Clinical Research? - Liz Borkowski, The Pump Handle, November 2015

Taking a Giant Step Toward Women's Heart Health: Finding Policy Solutions to Unanswered Research Questions - Sharonne N. Hayes, Susan F. Wood, Jennifer H. Mieres, Susan M. Campgell, & Nanette K. Wenger, Women's Health Issues, September 2015